FINALLY: Monday, Sept. 30th we will depart!

Fahrt in den Verstand

Monday, Sept.30th / 15.00h and after 7 month of trying hard and failing even harder a very personal dream and project becomes true! I will travel on a Containership from Hamburg thousands of miles to the far of South Amercia – on my new home called „Cap San Marco“ operated by Hamburg Süd and carrying more then 9.000 containers among 334 meters length and one proud Photographer – which would like to thank not only first off all Hamburg Süd and my other Media-Partners: Olympus Cameras, Boote Magazin, Politikwerft and Globetrotter, but especially everyone who supported and believed in me! / I can’t promise to deliver daily feeds, but I welcome you to have a look at, wether here or on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. Sorry, no direct Facebook. Love, Phillip

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